“Hello, Teacher! You good?” I asked myself.

Starting this 3rd July 2017, I will be in a new phase of my life.

I’m not going to lie that I have mixed feeling about this. In this new chapter, I have to come out from my comfort zone and I need to. Being a teacher is not an easy job (yeah of course every job has its own difficulties), I don’t really know if I am ready or not. What I do know is by hook or by crook, I need to keep walking.

Questioning myself and my career

Am I fit the criteria as a teacher? Am I deserve to be called as one? Do I have the skills? Are they enough? So many questions in my head; it might explode any time. One of the reasons why I’m being pessimistic is I’m not a good student from the start. I keep forgetting stuffs and I don’t like that. I couldn’t help it either.

I know my negative attitude can be fixed. I just need effort, time and… food. Also, God’s will – the biggest thing that I need the most. Oh, my Lord! Please give me strength to face all the challenges. Let’s the past be the past. God will never change people’s fate unless they change it on their own.

And I need to change mine.








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